New Ferne & Jerry Lee Facility

The Free Water Knockout (FWKO) vessel separates 98% of the oil from the water using heat, chemical and a baffle system. This is capable of treating 30,000 BBls/day of total fluid, very similar to the one at the Nukern lease. Once this facility is completed we will be sending the cleaned water from this facility up to the Nukern facility for filtering and softening to feed the new steam generators.

New Water System

We have purchased and are in the process of constructing a new water system capable of filtering 30,000 BBLs/day and softening 18,000 BBLs/day, very similar to the current water plant that is in service. Once the steam generators are up and running we will be connecting the steam system from the Nukern lease into the newly built steam system at the Ferne & Jerry Lee, starting theses steam flood and cyclic steaming of the undeveloped leases.

New Headers for Leases

We have built and installed two new headers (one for the Ferne lease and one for the Jerry Lee) and AWTs (automatic well testers) for each header. Existing wells are getting tied into the new header system which will eventually feed the new facility. We are also drilling 17 wells, most of which are on the Ferne and Jerry Lee leases. The steam generators- Two 85 million BTU dual pass generators capable of putting out 5700 BBls/day of 70% quality steam each, 11,400 total. In order to feed these two new generators we have built another soft water tank and increased our water processing capabilities.